Ir. Lindur Siburian, ANZIIF(CIP), AAAIK

Founder of Knowledge Center

Lindur Siburian graduated from Statistical Science, the Institut Pertanian Bogor in Bogor, West Java Indonesia. He holds a statistical science degree and worked in Marketing Research and Consultant company for 2 years before getting into Insurance Industry.

He has 2 years working experience in Marketing Research Consultant, 3 years in banking sector and He has 14 years working experience in General Insurance Industry( 13 years in General Insurance and 3 years in Broker and Insurance Consulting.

His General Insurance career started from 2000 when he joined Asuransi Central Asia in Indonesia and worked there for 14 years. He joined Asuransi Central Asia, one of top five leading insurance company in Indonesia starting from business development staff for 2 years and then as supervisor while responsible for research, underwriting, claim handling especially for retail product. In 2006 he promoted as head of strategy and product development and in 2009 he was promoted as Head of Research & Development and Marketing Communication. In 2015 Lindur moved to one of national leading insurance brokers and consultant company in Indonesia as Deputy Director.

He has already attended and completed Risk and Insurance Workshop/Training/Seminar held by CRS Limited In 2004.

Apart from his professional daily job as Marketing and Business Development, he is active in lecturing Risk Management and strategy Marketing in Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kesatuan Bogor.

He has also hold a professional qualification as ANZIIF, Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance Australia, AAAIK from Assosiasi Ahli Manajemen Asuransi Indonesia (AAMAI).

Starting from the years of 2014, he continued to Join FSAI program from Persatuan Aktuaris Indonenesia (PAI) to become an actuaries.

Specialities :

Underwriting General Insurance, Insurance Law and Regulation, Actuary, Reinsurance, Risk Management, Market Research,Strategy & Planning, Market Analytic, Business Development, Marketing Communication and Experiences in mostly Insurance Industry.

About Knowledge Centre

established in December 2015 as a risk management and insurance consulting which is focusing and specializing in providing risk management and technical advices to our clients.

Our team of Risk Management and Insurance specialist are renowned for their innovative aprroach to developing integrated insurance and alternative risk transfer solutions to meet the complex risk inherent. Our technical abilities and knowledge span a wide industries and specialist area through our professional credential and experience.


We have the vision to protect the business of client against the risks it faces and we do everything possible to satisfy the insurance requirements of our clients, to place the interests of our clients before all considerations.

We deal with customers from a variety of industries and help with Risk Management and insurance solutions for simple/complex business environments.


To train & develop an internal team with strong risk management knowledge such as: Risks Analysis, Risks Assessment, Risks Control and Risk Finance.


Jakarta, Indonesia
Email: info@triptoba.com